If I do, I'm some degree....but really, what is there to apologize for? Welcome to my world!!

I am an INDEPENDENT ARTIST. I do it ALL!! I create. I produce. I manage. I promote. I book gigs. I set goals. I evaluate my progress. I finance my business. I DO IT ALL!!  I have no booking agent, no advertising agency, no record company. It's JUST ME. Everyday, I'm winding the music machine as I work to get paid to send my songs out among the competing airwaves into the ears of America with the HOPE that SOMEONE will LIKE what they HEAR and BUY my music.

This is the world of the lonely little "Indie."

A mentor friend of mine told me that no one is going to toot my horn for me, that I'm going to have to do it myself, and so run the risk of irritating some folks in the process. Is there really anything gracious about self-promotion?? I wonder.

I'm hitting it hard on Facebook promoting my crowd funding campaign for my new album LOVERS, WIVES & MOTHERS: A WESTERN WOMAN'S VOICE. Listen folks, I HAVE TO because THAT'S how advertising works. REPETITION. And each day, someone NEW is going to see it. And, unfortunately, each day someone is going to see it AGAIN and it will grow OLD for them. I'm sorry that happens, but it's the way this business works.

But a benefit of REPETITION is this.....someone will finally respond after they've been bombarded enough times!! YEAH!! They will FINALLY do business with me!! THEN, they can feel good about ignoring the rest of my campaign!! Great idea! Or they will block me or unfriend me or unfollow me. Think ill of me. Curse me. Whatever.

But this is BUSINESS. And I want you to know that a crowd funding campaign is NOT free money. It's a FAIR EXCHANGE of MY products and services for YOUR currency. Good old economics. I hope you will take a look at my campaign and consider buying a cd or a coffee mug or a stay at our M2B Ranch B&B. Or book a house concert with me!! I hope you will DO BUSINESS with this Lonely Little "Indie."