BLOG....a blend of two ordinary words....WEB and LOG.

 In 1989, when Tim Berners-Lee invented the first world wide WEB, 20 years or so after the first internet connection was made, that little word, the one I mostly associate with a spider named Charlotte, took on a huge meaning that would span the globe with it's strands of electronic information and forever change how we communicate.

And LOG....not another for the fire, but an age-old written record some of us like to keep to remember events in our lives (especially necessary as we age) or who like to write a one-sided conversation as we attempt to make sense of life's cause and effects or for those of us who are simply compelled to put our minds on paper. I call my log a journal.

I like that word the best of the various words available to describe "an official record of events" - log, record, register, logbook, journal, diary, minutes, chronicle, day book, ledger, account, tally, etc. I like "journal" the best because my life is a journey. And sometimes my journey gets really busy, overflowing with both bothers and blessings. Sometimes it goes by in a blur. So I journal. I love the pre-dawn quiet time I take each morning to think about and record yesterday's memories. It's a beautiful way to un-blur events and put perspective on where my journey is taking me. So, I journal with pen and paper each day.

And once in a while, I blog my "blournal" on this website.